I'm With the Dog

by Rhonnie Tsunami

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released January 1, 2015

Music written and performed by David Worko and Jerry Rodriguez



all rights reserved


Rhonnie Tsunami Queens, New York

We're one of the very few rock bands from flushing. Rock.

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Track Name: Johnson
The gardens are empty
But I escaped with what's left
What's left

And who knew grad school
was where to find whats good

Only every now and then
I could fit
If she's not better off

I could still
Make it with this
I'll take it
Track Name: Dogshit
I know
when I'm sick
Or infested

Well, I taught myself
Check the bottom of your shoe

Ruins my day
but I thought later
I'll be, I'll be alone

and its better that way
because I want it
I want it
I want it

And I saw your friend

Well I taught myself
I'm not what I was before
And Its all dread
Track Name: Quiet Crying
Poor dude
He always looks like hes pissed
and crying yeah
and his face always changes
rogue on

all in one dream
I get what I want
but I wake up drenched

I'll drown in my flem
Brown in my Lungs
Track Name: Airy Dreams
Rest well, while I'm not there
While I'm gone
Its all in my head
in my head
More like on top of it
Well, I'm done
Track Name: Valiums Would be Nice
I know, that I left something
Something behind
I'm in the backseat, crying
Because I don't know where I put it
I know that I am done
The insanity comes back
And I know I'm done
I'm done
Track Name: Feels Ugly Like the Bay
I don't know what it is,
but it seems like you are nervouse
Outside creatures
Wrong Girls
Old Creatures

Well, I just thought
I'm not right

Nothing can fill in
There's no choice
I'm going to school
And I'll run
Run I'll run

I know what it is
And its seems like we're still losing.
Track Name: Lumberjacks
I'm in my mom's old lot
And He said "where are you going?"
Well I'm adding years onto my life

And I don't know which side to start on
Feels like I'm cleaning my fucking room.
Track Name: The Farm
I wish
we cud move to a place or a home

Where no one gets angry at us
And I won't get angry or nervouse
I'll just be a great man
Rock on